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"Pearls are always appropriate."- Jackie Kennedy

                If you have been to one of our jewelry shows then you know how much we love our pearls. As a southern girl pearls are a must have accessory. I wanted to let you guys know the process I go through to pick out the pearls used in my designs. First off I hate to buy pearls online. With the pearls online it is hard to tell the quality and exact color/luster of the pearls. Every year I go to a gem and mineral show in North Carolina where I get a lot of the stones that I use in the jewelry. I also go to my favorite bead store which is Knot Just Beads located in Mobile, Alabama. (Remember when you shop local stores you help out your community.) I'm very picky when it comes to the pearls I use. I pick up every strand and look through them to make sure I want to associate my name with those pearls. Most of the pearls that we use are of the highest quality. I don't want to design something using pearls that I wouldn't wear myself. Our earring designs are made mostly using coin pearls and round freshwater pearls. All of our designs that say made with pearls are made with natural freshwater pearls. You can find our pearl earrings and bracelets at Reclaimed Spirit in Florence, AL. If you are wanting any custom pearl jewelry whether it be for a ball, wedding, or everyday wear we would be happy to design something just for you!

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